Beginning of the journey

Welcome everyone!

The purpose of this blog is to test, empirically, the effectiveness of self-suggestion as well as to produce and divulgate materials on this subject.

At first I need to define what is autosuggestion/self-suggestion.

Let's start with the definition brought by the dictionary: autosuggestion is the suggestion that someone has on himself, causing behavioral changes. It is a concept widely used in positive thinking techniques, neurolinguistic programming and relaxation.

A few years ago "Positive Thinking" had a boom with the success of the book and documentary "The Secret", that brought the premise that everything one wants or needs can be satisfied by believing in an outcome, repeatedly thinking about it, and maintaining positive emotional states to "attract" the desired outcome.

Let me make this clear at the start, I do not believe that simply thinking "I will be a millionaire, I will be a millionaire" can bring a single dollar to your pocket. However, we are what we think. Our mind is our personality and the human brain has the ability to physically influence our body, both for good and for evil.

Anxious people know this well. Any situation that take them out of the comfort zone already causes quite unpleasant physical effects such as sweating, dizziness, nausea. If the brain can undermine and sabotage your body certainly is a tool that can transform it for the better, we just have to take control of it.

It sounds simple doesn't? After all, we only have to control ourselves... but it's one of the biggest challenges that we may face.

Please excuse my English, its not my first language (feel free to correct me anytime), but this subject is very important and needs to reach most people.

Lets go together on this journey?